Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson

The three corporations to avoid buying their products from.

Here are the lists of companies that do test on animals and companies that don’t. I don’t want to participate in cruelty towards animals by purchasing their products. I will print these lists and pledge to avoid each and every product. What you should know is the subtlety of labellingImage

Companies will fool you into believing that their (finished) product is not tested on animals, however their ingredients (purchased from third parties) have been tested.

Lists from Peta


Planned obsolescence

Saving energy (but not the planet nor you)

Saving energy (but not the planet nor you)

Energy saving light bulbs that can cause cancer.

I am addicted to sugar.

Food does matter…

The Century of the Self

History of the world in 2 hours

The Venus Project

Divergent Thinking


A New York Times article on lawyers against the food industry.